The next book that I am studying by Toni Morrison is called Beloved. A ghost from Sethe’s, the main character, past has begun to haunt her, literally, and when a new man walks into her life it just infuriates the ghost even more. In this book, I have
noticed that Morrison’s style is very figurative and unique. She uses a lot of metaphors and analogies, and also likes the comparison of vipers or snakes.  Another pattern that I have noticed is that Morrison always hints at the degradation of women. Love was set in the 1960s and ‘70s and  the demeaning of women was present in that book as it is in Beloved which is set during the time of slavery. Morrison differs from other authors I have read because of her creative use of words. She uses a lot of
retrospective technique that leaves you curious to know the entire story, but her artistic use of metaphors and imagery force you to dig deeper into your own mind to realize what she is really saying. In Beloved, I have noticed that she is attempting to have a functional relationship between a man and a woman compared to Love where most of the men were not satisfied with having just one woman for a long period of time.

Katie Wiggans
2/21/2013 02:31:44

I love the site. It is organized and thorough!


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